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“Discover Amazing Secrets
You Can Use To Stop Procrastinating &
Start Getting More Done Faster &
Easier Than Ever Before!”

Stop Letting Procrastination Decrease Your Effectiveness . . .


Personal Action Power, Overwhelmed!


Dear Friend:

Welcome to my website.

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, confused?

Do you react with procrastination for not knowing what to do first?

There is an easy way out:

Sign on for my free 12-part online course on how to get organized, develop personal action power and overcome procrastination for good.

See a short sneak peek video on what we will be talking about.



You will instantly feel relieved, empowered, and eager to take action again.


Chris Kessel

My name is Chris Kessel and I’ve been helping people overcome procrastination and other harmful habits for over ten years. In that time, I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge about managing procrastination for good. As a productivity expert, it is my goal to help anyone who wishes to be free of anti-productive mindsets like procrastination, so I’d like to share my knowledge with you, free of charge. Feel free to browse the links below on this page for more information about stopping procrastination in its tracks, and sign on for my 12-part “PERSONAL ACTION POWER” online course in the webform above, where you’ll receive one lesson per day in your email box.


Illustration “Overwhelm”: © 123rf.com/stockfoto/alexis – Picture Chris: © Archive Kessel