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Chris Kessel

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Hi, my name is Chris Kessel.

If you feel stuck and overwhelmed in life or business and make too little or no progress at all, and if you react with procrastination, this website is for you.

You will get coaching lessons that can help you to get going again, have a fascinating purpose in life, and make the progress you need for your well-being and self-esteem.

Remember: success is all about getting results, and results are obtained by the right mindset and personal action.
So we will talk about how you can develop the PERSONAL ACTION POWER you need to be confident and successful again.

You will learn everything you need to get rid of the habit of procrastination and the sensation of overwhelm and get into a state of productive flow if you follow the principles and strategies taught in our program.

My background originally is commercial project management in a large international engineering company. In this business, you learn everything you need to motivate professional teams and to systematically achieve big results. Working for over 30 years in this environment, I became an expert in organization and productivity.

I now share this expertise with my clients to improve the results in their personal and professional life.

I would love to have you on board, and, as a sneak-peek, I invite you to sign on to my free little 12-part online course on PERSONAL ACTION POWER.

See you inside!

My best to you,
Chris Kessel
Personal and Business Coach