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9 – Your Flight Plan

Your Flight plan

Prefer to listen?


Dear Reader,

Now let’s get serious!

Our today’s purpose is to create the masterplan for your life and business. Nothing less.

I like to think of it as a flight plan.
Imagine you are the captain of a commercial aircraft.
How is the weather? What is the direction of your flight? How high are you going to fly? Do you have enough fuel? Who are your passengers, and how are you going to make them happy during the flight?

Lots and lots of questions, and everything has to be organized in detail and in advance to make it a secure and agreeable flight.

To apply this idea to your life and business, it boils down to two simple but monumental questions:

1. Who would you like to be, and

2. What should your unique contribution to the world be?

The vision of your ideal identity gives you the direction, the height and the speed of your flight through life. Your passion supplies the fuel and your attitude determines the predominant weather.

Your resolution to serve the people around you will be responsible for your success in work and business.

So, please, meditate on these two questions for a while, and try to come up with two very simple and heartfelt answers.

Your answers should be concise and to the point and should each contain an urgent call to immediate action.

As an example, in my case, I decided to be a specialist in success psychology and result oriented project management, and I wanted to inspire others through the Internet to find their own successful and fulfilling life. I confess, it took me some time to become very clear about this. There were so many possibilities . . . .

As soon as you are crystal clear about the two crucial questions, “Who am I?” and “What will I be good at?”, it will be relatively easy to specify the necessary project work ahead of you, to put your answers into practice, and to activate your full personal action power towards these ideal goals. I promise.

See you in the next lesson.

Chris Kessel
Personal and Business Coach

Illustration “Cockpit”: © 123rf/stockfoto/Steve Collender