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8 – Divine Support

Divine Support

Prefer to listen?


Dear Reader,

Deep down we know that even with the best strategy, the best planning and the greatest action power we cannot fully control our life. There are inexplicable good and bad forces influencing us, and our rational capabilities are never enough to direct or explain our fate.

This has induced fear at all times, and humans always have tried to devise clever strategies and tricks to cope with this deficiency of our existence. They have practiced strange rituals and sciences to gain the mercy of their gods or to predict the unpredictable. They have sacrificed their lambs, castigated themselves, renounced to all worldly goods or have tried to predict the influence of the stars on their fate to make it more controllable.

Christianity has then taught us to believe in God as our loving Father and as the Creator who means well and tries to preserve his creation by protecting us and providing for us.
We were meant to substitute shallow tricks by belief, trust and love.
We were taught that we could gain the peace of mind that we are craving for simply by praying for it and meditating it. No innocent animals had to be killed for it, and normal human beings did not have to give away all their worldly goods to deserve the mercy of God.

We learned that we cannot “make a deal” with our God and that only devotion was expected, and we also learned that “being” is more important that “having”.

In modern times, as religion deteriorated, we tried to substitute “God” by an abstract “Universe” that could be coerced into giving us all kinds of worldly blessings, from a timely parking slot up
to millions in the lottery. To my taste, this is too cold and impersonal, and the weak point of this “Secret” is that it again puts the golden calf of “having” over the blessings of “being”.

So what do we personally make of all this, and how can we get the divine support that we desperately need?

My advice would be to go back to the roots of our culture and to meditate the state of mind and of our affairs we need, three times a day. In old fashioned terms this is called “prayer” and it has the proven capability to program our mind to trust, love, inspiration and inner prosperity. It also works as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and sometimes creates “miracles” inexplicable to the scientific mind.

See you in the next lesson, and

God bless!
Chris Kessel
Personal and Business Coach

Illustration “Praying hands”: © 123rf/stockfoto/Hartmut Lerch