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2 – High Quality

Personal Action Power, High Quality

Prefer to listen?


Dear Reader,

I don’t like dull and repetitive routine, and I trust you don’t either.

Nobody likes doing the dishes, preparing their taxes or filing their paperwork. The list of annoying daily chores is endless. I could continue it with vacuuming the house, taking care of the trash in light of the modern science of recycling, etc.
You may already have your own list of lame activities that come to mind when I mention dull chores.

Why don’t we like them?
I think it is because they don’t inspire creativity and they seem to lead nowhere. They don’t give you a sense of progress and self development. As soon as you, reluctantly, complete them, they start allover again.

Is there a way out?
Definitely yes! Try to see your chores as contributing to the quality of life they are meant to achieve as soon as they are completed.
A well organized office, a well kept and clean household, or even a well cared body should be worth some effort.

Try to think of the output of your daily routines as a work of art.
Try to think that their purpose is to create and maintain high quality and beauty.
It is not what happens to us, that motivates us, or turns us down — it is what we think about it. Psychologists say that our thoughts are the filters through which we perceive our reality.
So if we see our world through the filter of high quality and values, we will be motivated to do something to experience more of these values.

So, please, next time you wash your car, try to think of the shining object and the sense of control you will get by completing this chore.

Today’s task is for you to think of a list of daily efforts you could transform into works of art, simply by changing the filter of your perception from dull grey to lively colours, high quality and beauty behind them.

See you in the next lesson.

Chris Kessel
Personal and Business Coach

Illustration “High Quality”: © 123rf/stockfoto/cowpland