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12 – Coaching


Prefer to listen?


Dear Reader,

In our little introduction to your Personal Action Power you have seen some of the most important principles. Now comes the hard part: the best insights and distinctions are totally useless if you don’t put them into practice.

Don’t worry, there are people out there, specialized in supporting you in this process. They are called coaches.

It can pay to have a coach.
Even the best in any field, like sports, management, business or music, have coaches to help them get their desired results much quicker and better than they could achieve by themselves.

What can a coach do for you?
He or she can basically help you to concentrate successfully on what you are meant to be and to do in life, to do it better than anybody else and, therefore, to excel on your personal market.

He or she can lead you through the process of

  • finding your ideal self,
  • defining your ideal wishes,
  • creating the compelling vision that gives you the drive and the direction you need,
  • deciding on realistic goals and projects,
  • finding the most effective strategies,
  • finding and absorbing the necessary know-how and skills,
  • staying on track and swiftly executing your new projects,
  • overcoming self-doubt and setbacks,
  • marketing your results to the right people in the right way.

The support of a professional coach can seriously motivate you, save you tons of time and energy and, in the end, save you a lot of money otherwise lost in pursuing the wrong path.

A good coach will envision the ultimate goal of making you independent and transferring the coaching process into a self-coaching process as soon as possible.

Who is the right coach for you?
Although, ideally, a good coach can coach anybody about anything, it is recommended that you find somebody, who is specialized in your field of interest. Especially if you expect your coach to also be your teacher and trainer for certain strategies, know-how and skills, you want him or her to have “been there, done that” to make your coaching experience more concrete.

If you are still in some doubt about where to go from here, I can offer you the following free support:

Send me an email to chris@kesselweb.de stating “PAP support” in the reference. Specify briefly what your main concern or problem is right now, and I will come back to you with some probably useful tips on the next steps for you to go. I promise!

I am a strategy coach and I specialize in finding the shortest way out of a “stuck state”. Maybe this is how you feel right now.

I would love to get to know you and to get your feedback.

See you in future lessons.
Chris Kessel
Personal and Business Coach

Illustration “Mouse & cheese”: © 123rf/stockfoto/ragnarocks